Who We Are

Tradebank is the voluntary collaboration of compassionate people and organisations with a desire to improve the housing conditions for our most vulnerable families and homes - to make life better for others.

It’s no secret that NZ has a large number of homes that are in very poor condition. These homes are often occupied by vulnerable and at risk families who are not able to improve them.

What is a secret, is that there are lots and lots of tradies out there, who want to help, who are happy to donate some time, but they want their skills to go to homes of genuine need, where there time is efficiently used, where they can be flexible in how they commit, where someone else is doing the project management and organisation.

Tradebank is managed by our passionate team at Sustainability Options who are on a mission to help ensure; healthy, warm, dry and comfortable homes for all New Zealanders. With the support of Tradebank, we are seeking to help those families who are literally living in homes that are ‘sending them to hospital’.

Over the past 4 years, Sustainability Options have been working with over 1000 homes, trying to improve housing conditions. Sadly, many homes are in a state of disrepair, poor maintenance and are fundamentally unhealthy. Small children and the elderly are suffering. Whilst the provision of curtains, heaters, blankets, beds, mold removal, insulation all help, what we need most is willing ‘tradies’ to help with some good ‘TLC’ to improve the condition of these homes. Tradebank is our way of trying to help today’s most vulnerable and tomorrow’s future, to be the best they can be, because the can live in a healthy home.

Trade Bank operates with a broad network of socially minded local businesses, organisations and institutions who compliment this service by: identifying the families in need, assessing and qualifying the requirements of the home, supporting the family with a range of other activities that will work together to improve the home (curtains, bedding, blankets, insulation, firewood), linking with the volunteering tradie, and help these families in their community. Upon identifying a home in need, Tradebank staff will assess the needs of the home, work with the supporting agencies, co-ordinate action to improve the home, and connect with the volunteering tradie to co-ordinate the work to be done and to co-ordinate what materials are required.

There are three easy steps to make this work!

1. Trades people can contact TradeBank and confirm their time and skills available to provide repair and maintenance services.

2. From there Tradebank “connects” the right tradesperson to the right job and checks their availability (not all tradies will be available every time, and this is ok!)

3. Tradebank will in effect act as project manager to ensure each job is connected with the right skills, at a time and in a manner that works best for the donating ‘tradie’ and is completed to an outcome that helps the family in need.

The result - the whanau get the minor repairs fixed so they can start working on other priorities.


We connect and and engage with individuals, community organisations as well as health and housing agencies, to ensure that those most vulnerable get the help and assistance they need. What we’ve created and what we will continue to build is a growing database full of professional, qualified, compassionate tradespeople who are active and willing to help out in the community.

Like all good things to happen we also need a good team around us. To help us achieve our dreams and goals is the Tindall Foundation who very generously donated their funds to this project because at the heart of what they do is aligned to what we do; making life better for others. We’re extremely grateful for their financial support and assistance.