Tradebank in action in the Bay of Plenty

Tradebank has been busy over the past few months contributing to a project in a rural Bay of Plenty community.  The focus of the project is to help the whanau who live there, get on top of their home repairs and maintenance so they can move towards warmer, drier healthier homes.

Sustainability Options started by assessing thirty seven homes and identified many of the issues as water related.  Some had water in all the wrong places and others had very little access at all.  Plumbing was a consistent problem, but fortunately, in some cases these problems were minor. 

One of our first ‘tradies’ to sign up with Tradebank was Laser Plumbing Tauranga Central, so we put the call out to them for help with these minor plumbing repairs, and guess what, they answered.

Clyde fixing a toilet cistern

We asked Clyde and Linda Andrews what they thought of their experience helping at out at this scale. 

“The repairs are definitely beneficial to occupants, as repairing leaking water, waste underfloor and fittings helps to dry the properties” say’s Clyde. 

We agree! Getting some of those issues dealt to was a huge hurdle overcome for a number of whanau.  Clyde and his team worked on six whare with another three to follow. This meant leaking taps, broken pipes & gutters all fixed under the voluntary capacity of Tradebank!   

What does this mean to the community?  It can be the first step towards getting their whare into a better state of repair.  This little nudge can be huge in helping people see a way forward towards a healthier home.

Clyde checking under the house for leaks

There’s still work to be done for those properties with major repairs.  However now the bigger investments make a lot more sense, because the whare and whanau are in a better state of readiness for the next stage having ticked off those smaller problems.

This has been the first large scale project Tradebank has worked on. It’s validated our knowledge that the need for this service, where tradies donate their time to minor but crucial repairs, is high.  We also know we’ve only scratched the surface of the kindness out there in the trade community. 

We wanted to know if Laser Plumbing Tauranga Central would be happy to stay a part of Tradebank, and Clyde said, “Yes, on a job by job basis, based on our time availability.  We know the Sustainability Options team are making a difference with the work they are doing.”

And so are you Laser Plumbing Tauranga Central.

Would you like to help? 
We have minor repairs work for registered Electricians, Roofers, Glaziers & Carpenters.  Go to or contact Jo wills on 021 2777 042,