Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability Options are the passion and the brains behind TradeBank.  They have extensive technical, practical and compassionate experience regarding the standard of housing in the Bay of Plenty and the impact poor performance is having on the well-being of our communities.

The initial site development and related establishment costs of TradeBank are supported by funding from the Tindall Foundation.  Sustainability Options is covering all project management and operational costs as part of our commitment as a Social Business, giving forward to the community.

Tradebank is about people helping people.  We know there are many Tradies out there willing to help people out in order to get over maintenance hurdles that restrict a family from living in warmer, drier and healthy homes.  Tradebank provides the platform to do that, in a coordinated and well managed way, with efficiency and good management.  Down the track there may be other opportunities that open up for the Tradies who ‘pay it forward’. TradeBank will continue to explore and develop these.

From our experience, these small but vital maintenance jobs are simply not getting done.  The reasons for this are many, but the outcomes are the same – the family living in that house with a hole in the roof, or a leak under floor or no mechanical extraction will remain vulnerable to the issues of living in a colder, damper, harder to heat house.  From our experience we know these minor jobs are just being left, so there is no lost earnings for Tradies, just an opportunity to help out.

There are a number of avenues for funding the cost of materials.  If it’s fixing a leaking tap, the cost of materials to the plumber may be so small that they may be happy to cover it.  When the materials are a little more extensive and expensive, we will source funding from either the homeowner, the landlord, from philanthropic organisations or other avenues.

No.  The time a Tradie can offer is up to them and it can fluctuate according to their own schedules.

TradeBank will, as required, source funding for the cost of materials.  It is the expectation that time, including travel time and travel expenses will be volunteered by the Tradie.

We know there are many retired Tradies out there capable of doing top notch minor maintenance jobs that don’t require certification.  Where certification is required by regulation and under the Health & Safety at Work Act, the Tradie would need to carry the necessary credentials to their profession, otherwise the skills and experience we know is out there to resolve these minor maintenance issues will be vast and we welcome all Tradies to be involved. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.